Climbing Technique

Introduction to Climbing

Curious about rock climbing? This is the class for you.

Focuses on rope climbing using proper knot techniques using Figure 8 Knot, belay skills using proper devices designed for gym and outdoor usage. The goal of this class is for participants to have a solid climbing foundation.

Excellent date night or bring-a-friend class.

  • $40 per climber / includes 5-day pass
  • Call Kristen at (951) 897-8566 to schedule your class.

Introduction to Lead Climbing

Welcome to the real world of climbing! In this class you will be challenged physically and mentally.

Lead climbing students learn three main components: Quickdraw placement and clipping, how to safely belay and protect climbers, and gear route clean procedures.

*Lead climbing students must have taken Intro To Climbing Class, or be able to demonstrate top rope skills.

  • $150 for the first climber / $50 each additional climber
  • Lead Climb Class is a 4-6 hour class, broken up into a few sessions
  • Call Kristen at (951) 897-8566 to schedule your class