The desire to climb is something that most of us are born with. Even before we can walk we are attempting to climb. It is a natural activity! Indoor rock climbing is a challenging and thrilling sport that takes the natural desire to climb and allows you unlimited possibilities. It is addictive and exhilarating. It requires problem solving skills as well as a little strength and flexibility. It takes courage and the drive to accomplish a goal. Virtually anyone at any age and physical ability can participate. Climbing is an activity that entire families participate in and enjoy together. There are few other activities that match the physical benefits of rock climbing.
Make no mistake, climbing is a serious sport and elite rock climbing skills take time and practice to perfect however, the fun and exhilarating challenge begins the first time you grab on to the climbing wall and give it your first try. Climbers come in all shapes, sizes and ages; both male and female. Climbing is not all about physical strength. Each climbing route is a puzzle that requires intense thought and body movement. Physical strength is helpful, but, the climber with finesse will easily out perform a musclebound brute. At Desert Rocks Indoor Rock climbing gym we offer two types of climbing; harness route climbing and bouldering.
Harness climbing requires a rope and a partner or “belayer”. Harness routes at our gym are up to thirty feet tall and range from fairly simple vertical routes to much more challenging overhanging routes. Harness climbing is generally a more thoughtful process as you wind your way up a tall wall. Often times there are spots you can stop and catch your breath as you plan your next move. Bouldering, on the other hand is an activity that is performed at lower heights (less than approximately 16 feet). Bouldering is performed without a harness or belayer and has a much thicker landing surface. Boulder routes are shorter than harness routes and generally require more intense body movements and strength. There are many similarities between harness climbing and bouldering yet the two activities offer very different skills and thrills.
Getting started is as simple as coming to Desert Rocks, signing our waiver paperwork (you can do this on line and email it to us in advance to save time), renting one of our harnesses and climbing shoes as well as letting us give you a short briefing. You can be on the wall climbing in just a few minutes. The rate for a single visit, including equipment rentals and belay lessons is $25. Check out prices on our “rates” page. If you are part of a group, have some of your own equipment or would like to become a member at Desert Rocks, the rates are reduced. Our monthly rate for members ranges from $40 to $50 per person.

If you are over 14 years old we can also give you a short “belay” instruction class and you can then belay your friends or family members. If you are bringing a group and will need for us to supply belayers, we ask that you let us know when you plan to come so we can be ready for you.

PLEASE NOTE: CHILDREN UNDER AGE 18 REQUIRE A PARENT SIGNATURE ON THEIR WAIVER. Without this properly signed waiver your child will not participate at Desert Rocks so please remember to fill out our waiver. If your child arrives at Desert Rocks by himself with a waiver we may contact you to confirm the parent signature on the waiver. Sending a copy of the parents I.D. with a signature may help expedite your child’s processing into the gym. Better yet, we recommend parents bringing their child; walking them through the processing on their first visit. Watching your child attempt the climbing at Desert rocks is a thrill for children and parents alike. We encourage families to participate together. Rock climbing is definitely not a sport just for kids. There is no age limit and we encourage adult participation.
We are located at 19160 Mclane Street in North Palm Springs. We are just north of Interstate 10 off of Indian Canyon Road.

Our gym number is (760) 251.1618
Desert Rocks is Open from noon to 8pm, Seven Days a week.
All groups are welcome at Desert Rocks.

Group rates are $20 per climber (minimum 8 climbers). A $50 deposit is required to reserve your date.

All group reservations are for a 2 hour period of time.